Shop-Innovation: a complete service from one single source – reliable and individual

Shop-Innovation means professional advice on every aspect of developing and realising concepts for shopfitting and trade fair construction. We collaborate with our clients to implement fit-for-purpose solutions for projects of widely varying complexity and scope. We bring planning know-how and craftsmanship expertise together under one roof – so our projects benefit from the strength and quality that have inspired our clients for the last 20 years.



Consulting and Service

  • Project leadership
    and project management
  • Planning services
  • Advisory services and scheduling
  • Subcontractor coordination
  • Procurement and management of materials
  • Project documentation

Grid ceilings

  • Installation of new grid ceiling systems and special components
  • Modification work on existing grid ceilings
  • Securing work / safety measures
  • Wall adaptations
  • Production of special items
Indoor market construction

  • Installation of shelving systems
  • Setting up partitions (flexiwalls)
  • Installation of displays
  • Preparation for appropriate presentation of merchandise
  • Merchandise presentation (Visual Merchandising, VM)

Furniture assembly and installation

  • Professional furniture assembly and installation
  • Placement of furniture according to plans
  • Securing exhibition furniture
  • Modification / adaptation of furniture
  • Furniture joinery, cabinet making
Kitchen installations

  • Professional kitchen installations
  • Modification of existing kitchen exhibitions
  • Adaptation of furniture and worktops
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Interior decoration
  • Special exhibition solutions
  • Construction of kitchen studios


  • Renovation of old walls
  • Levelling and priming
  • Wallpapering
  • Textile coverings
  • Painting and varnishing
  • Special work
Tiling work

  • Removal of old tiled surfaces
  • Preparation of walls and floors
  • All installation / laying work
  • Edge covers and seals
  • Special work and specially produced items

Wall construction

  • Setup and manufacture of exhibition panels/partitions (FAAY, MDF, frame construction)
  • Cladding of pillars, exits, etc.
  • Securing measures for walls
  • Installation of doors / windows / dummies, etc.
  • Special work and specially produced items
  • Specially designed structures
Flooring work

  • Removal of old coverings
  • Levelling of uneven floors
  • Laying plastic coverings
  • Laying laminate floors and parquet
  • Floor tiles
  • Special work

Graphic work

  • Production of advertising and communication materials
  • Application of adhesive text
  • Production of advertising and information materials at customers’ premises
  • Hanging and placement of advertising and information materials
Decorative work

  • VM (Visual Merchandising) / ID
  • Manufacture of curtains and textiles
  • Decoration
  • Lighting (background, sales and mood lighting)
  • Application of communication messages and price marking
  • Placement of billboards
  • Placement of customer routing systems

Presentation of merchandise and logistics

  • Initial equipment of sales areas
  • Filling and emptying sales areas
  • Relocating merchandise
  • Returning merchandise to the warehouse
  • Inventory